To improve water management in Eswatini, the operational organization is involved in both regional and international cooperation activities so to leverage the elements of good water management. These include:

The Blue Deal Programme

Eswatini is one of the 17 partnerships in 14 countries, within the programme.

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    sufficient knowledge and expertise

    Contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 6.3 – 6.6.

    a well-functioning organization

    Modify the monitoring and evaluation of natural resources through systematic data collection, this involves the installation of near real-time data measurement equipment and systems. Eswatini will benefit in keeping track of the availability and use of water resources, in turn, inform our strategic water resources master plan.

    cooperation with key stakeholders

    Overall the partnership anchors on the values of Inclusiveness, Climate Change adaptation, Gender Mainstreaming, sustainability, and poverty reduction.

    Our Partners

    To take the lead in ensuring the implementation of basin-level Integrated Water Resources Management in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

    Global Water Partnership - Eswatini

    Towards a water-secure world

    Siphofaneni Irrigation District

    Water management institution based in the Usuthu River Basin

    Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy (Eswatini)
    Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy - Eswatini

    The custodian of policy and operational activities.

    Malkerns Irrigation District

    Water management in a sub-section of the Malkerns.

    Dutch Water Authorities

    Improving access to clean, sufficient and safe water worldwide

    Emandla Ekuphila Water User District

    Water management in a sub-section of the Komati Basin.

    River Basin Authorities

    Komati, Lomati, Usuthu, Lubovane, Ngwavuma River Basin Authorities

    River Basin Authorities

    Komati, Lomati, Usuthu, Lubovane, Ngwavuma River Basin Authorities

    GWPE – Global Water Partnership Eswatini

    Joint RBAS – Project Board plays a pivotal role in coordinating the functioning of the Global Water Partnership Eswatini (GWPE), which is ascertained to mobilize all relevant stakeholders in the Water, Energy, and Food sectors. The mobility of the EWP will ensure collective action in addressing water and sustainable development opportunities. In spearheading the EWP, the operational organization sees the necessitated coordinated planning, development, utilization, and management of water ecosystems being done at a catchment level in an integrated fashion.

    What people say

    Working with the Joint RBAS has made the handling of bulk tariffs better and more efficient.
    Adam Sendler
    It has never been this simpler to understand how to get a new water use permit, even to process one. The process is straightforward.
    Mila Kunis
    Our processes of addressing issues that arise within our RBA are streamlined and smother. Thanks to the depth of knowledge that the Joint RBAS possesses.
    Mike Sendler